May 2021- Deaf Teen Quest

June 24, 2022


Barnes Family Update

Since our official launch a few months back, I have been meeting with DTQ site directors from around the country. These conversations have been very helpful, and I am excited to see how God will shape DTQ in Cleveland. I have been asking God to bring volunteers who are passionate about the Gospel and reaching deaf teens. I am still functioning as youth director at my church Signs of Grace Deaf Church and, I was able to have a great conversation with two of our girls. Over pancakes, we chatted about the story of Moses and how understanding the Old Testament is a powerful way to build your relationship with Christ. Such an honor to be in these kids’ stories! Since this family picture was taken, we welcomed our new baby girl into our family. Her name is Holly Evangeline and she is doing great! Our family is thriving in this season.

FAQ: What Sets Deaf Teen Quest Apart from Church Youth Group?

  • Youth Group typically meets inside of a church.
  • DTQ typically meets at schools or public spaces.
  • Youth Group is designed more for discipleship and some evangelism.
  • DTQ is designed primarily for evangelism.
  • Youth Group is often mostly Christian kids with some non-Christians mixed in.
  • DTQ is composed of almost all non-believing students.

The Need

Of the world’s 70 million deaf people, less than 2% know and follow Jesus. I am at 1/8 status as staff, so I can only put in 5 hours a week. To get to half-time, I need 8 people/families to commit to $100 a month; 8 at $75/mo., 8 at $50/mo., and 8 at $25 a month. Can you help?