May 2021- Campus Life Public Schools

June 24, 2022


A Heart-Warming Transformation

One of our students came to be known by our team when she was in 6th grade. She has a fairly difficult family life, didn’t trust us or anyone, and certainly didn’t want to hear much about God. The Spirit of God has been using our staff member to tear down these walls. Now in high school, she has committed her life to Christ, found peace in the midst of chaos, and has learned to trust again. This young lady now serves our team weekly by watching kids (babysitting) at a church during a women’s Bible study and is growing in her knowledge and faith of the Lord!

Our Team of Heros

Our team is committed to bring 25 more adult leaders in the mission fields with us between now and the end of the year. We are excited to report that 4 new leaders have begun serving kids in the last few months!! The mission of Campus Life is to have 300 volunteer partners knowing and being known by students in the next 5 years. One of our students recently said about a volunteer affectionately named “Mama Dutter” – “every kid needs one in their life and their friend groups.

A Call to Action

The Lord calls all of us to be open, free and generous with what He gives. For some that means we invest time, for others it is our unique talent or gifting and for others it is finances. ALL are used by our good God to create opportunities to reach kids. We are encouraged with our budgeted goals as we approach the end of our fiscal year because we are almost there! We look forward to a time in the near future where we can plan and budget ahead for multiplication and growth. Please pray and ask the Lord and ask us too about how you can enter the mission of Campus Life!