That Man Up There

June 16, 2022


Juvenile Justice Ministries staff and volunteers met this young lady just a year before this was written. 

I thank Youth for Christ for these beautiful humans.  They pushed me to be strong in faith towards God and I can’t be more appreciative because that man up thee loves me more than life itself and I would have never been more close to him without these ladies.  I received my first Bible from them and it has been my backbone in every moment… sad, angry, happy etc.

Being introduced to Jesus was the best thing a person could give to me.  God has been the strength in my life.  I have seen my life flash before my eyes multiple times.  I never realized how much HE was there for me with all my storms and He has kept His promise to never leave me or forsake me even when I lose all hope and faith.  My heavenly Father never left my side, not once.

And from the things I have seen…just 15 years old.  God managed to bless me with the group and I can’t eb more blessed than I am.  I am in a facility (juvenile jail) where everything is controlled and you don’t know wat could happen…but God has kept me sane.  AND I became a beautiful young lady because of Him.

So, Youth for Christ, from the bottom of my heart, I thank and love you all…

God Bless,

La Shonda

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