Juvenile Justice Ministries - Green Road

Juvenile Justice Ministry (JJM) serves the young people in long-term lock-up at the State Detention Center on Green Road in Highland Hills. Below is a summary of what is offered: 

Green Road Intake – Character piece is provided for each young man as he enters the facility.

Bible Studies/Green Road  – Individualized time is given to help inmates study the Word.

Chapel Service/Green Road – Every Wednesday night, 6-8:30pm,  a special night or music, guest speaking, treats to eat, and good conversations in small groups and one-on-one.

Church Service/Green Road – On an as-needed basis. 

Additional Roles – Whether it is following up guys who have been released (getting them clothes and helping them to find a job), or coordinating a special game day at the facility, our JJM staff are busy with serving this neglected segment of society.

To find out more – please contact Ray Vallee Jr. at [email protected]