Gracehaven Blog

July 2021

It has been a growing season for Gracehaven. One of our youth was incarcerated, and while incarcerated asked specifically by name for her mentor. This shows the true impact that our mentor program is having. One of our case managers (Johnita) and I were able to meet a male youth in need of our services; it was a blessed meeting and conversation. Pray for this young man, that he will reach out to us when he is released and that the Lord would draw him to his son Jesus. We are also very close to launching our education program.  We will then be able to empower volunteers to go and educate the many different segments of society on this most egregious evil happening to many youth in our area.

August 2021

As we continue to minister to youth recovered from being trafficked, let us focus on prayer and collaboration. Together we can all make a difference especially when we are all collectively praying and teaming up with like-minded individuals, companies and ministries.

You see the enemy is strong but as Solomon says in Ecclesiastes 4:12 “and though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him--a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

You see, teaming up makes a difference! Our case managers focus on being advocates for our youth helping with housing, living necessities, schooling, counseling and more. While our mentors help our youth to grow and live in society, they walk with them and meet them where they are. They also speak into them spiritually, helping them to grow and overcome the many obstacles that are bound to come. And all the while our educational leaders are reaching the at risk through educational seminars in schools, hospitals and local municipalities.

So let us team up! Together through the power of prayer and the resources that the many can bring, we as the three-fold cord will make a difference and defeat this egregious evil in northeast Ohio and throughout the United States and the world.

September 2021

Since last month, Gracehaven continues to meet and greet those in our communities who have the capacity to make a difference as we collaborate and minister to those who are in great need. Our team has been part of several community events where we were able to be a part of the local community neighborhood and share our resources. We were asked to set up information tables and provide those in attendance all the information they need to recognize the signs of a youth being trafficked and what to do/who to call to provide them assistance. Another way we are looking to influence our community is by reaching out to schools and churches to bring them education for adults and youth. Please pray for more attendees to the many community events taking place between now and the beginning of winter. Pray for this egregious evil to be eradicated and that those who have been affected would receive the help they need to heal.