Many people have three questions that they think of first when hearing about this new program in Cleveland.


1. What is Gracehaven?

The Gracehaven mission is to eradicate child sex trafficking in Cleveland and provide rehabilitative, trauma-informed care to survivors.

2. What does Gracehaven actually do?

Our Gracehaven case manager provides specialized care to girls and boys age 12-19 who have been rescued from a trafficking situation. Our residential facility, the only in Ohio to provide both case management and housing, provides a secure environment where survivors can process their trauma.  We provide wrap around care in the form of services such as counseling, clothes, food and medical care. The case manager designs an individual plan that works for each teen and sees them through, from recovery to integration, back into the community. Cuyahoga County and Summit County Juvenile judges are seeing an increase in cases and need additional case management help to ensure these traumatized girls and boys are rescued.

3. How can you be involved?

While there are limited numbers of mentors, tutors, staff, and case workers, there is no limit to the way people can support this movement. Many people donate skills such as cosmetology, tutoring, shopping, and even administrative support. It takes a full office to support the case workers and mentors, and as we continue to grow the need for volunteers only rises. BUT volunteering is only one of the many ways to be involved. Here are the top 5 ways you can be involved.

1. Volunteer

To learn more about volunteering options, visit this page, or call Cindy Kahler at 216-252-9881.

2. Learn

Come visit one of our upcoming info sessions. Learn not only about this growing crisis, but about what you and those around you can do to end child sex trafficking.

3. Donate

The financial need grows as we continue to expand the reach of youth that we help. To learn more about donating, check out our 3-step Funding expansion plan.

4. Pray

Prayer is always vital to any of our programs. To stay up to date join the Gracehaven E-letter or follow the blog to hear urgent prayer needs.

5. Share

One of the most important needs for this program is to help us grow this ministry by sharing this vision with others. We have a very organized team of ambassadors with specific goals and resources to share with others. Consider joining the ambassador team and furthering this program today. For information visit the Get Involved page, or call Cindy Kahler at 216-252-9881.


To learn more about all the programs, opportunities, and how this program operates, visit the Gracehaven Website below.