Did You Know?

Sex trafficking is the second largest criminal industry in the world behind drug trafficking. It is soon expected to surpass drug trafficking.

Ohio is a hot bed for sex trafficking due to:

  • Extensive highway systems
  • The opioid epidemic
  • 5th leading state for the number of strip clubs
  • 20% of children living in poverty

1 out of 4 girls will be sexually abused by the age of 18

1 out of 6 boys will be sexually abused by the age of 18

More than 1,000 children are exploited in Ohio each year

More than 4,000 children in Ohio remain at risk of being exploited

The average age of entry into the sex trade is 13 years-old



Our deep-seated, heartfelt conviction is that no child should be bought or sold!

We provide an in-depth, trauma-informed approach to case management that is holistic, collaborative, and evidence-informed. We seek to provide life-giving hope for youth who have experienced sexual exploitation or are at risk of exposure, and introduce them to the stabilizing force of unconditional love that fosters sustainable change and indpendence.

Community Case Management

Our Community Case Management team serves youth ages 11-19 who have survived the realities of sex-trafficking, are actively being exploited, or are at risk of victimization. 

Our Community Case Management services are based on a comprehensive, trauma-informed care model. We take a strengths-based approach to service delivery and concentrate our efforts on building and enhancing the youth's protective factors in order to reduce vulnerability.

Our multi-system relational model emphasizes the importance of cultivating a trusting partnership with the youth in their support system. In this collaborative effort we develop an individualized empowerment plan with the survivor. All parties then implement the support plan in partnership with one another and monitor and evaluate over time to ensure growth and sustainability of the client.

Community Case Managers are victim advocates who equip survivors with the following necessary knowledge and skills:

  • Ability to trust
  • Self-worth and a positive self-image
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Identifying grooming techniques
  • Internet safety
  • Structured problem-solving
  • Securing provisions for basic needs
  • Job readiness skills
  • Crisis management

Meet Our Case Managers

Johnita Prince, Community Case Manager                                                                


Hannah Shaub, Community Case Manager and Network Advocate

How to Make a Referral to Gracehaven

If you know someone who might benefit from the continuum of care we offer, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 614-665-0665.


How to Get Involved

Are you interested in helping survivors of minor sex trafficking?

1. Become a financial partner

2. Become a volunteer mentor

3. Donate or fulfill an item from our wish list:

  • Walmart, Target, Wendy's and VISA Gift Cards
  • Vehicles for Gracehaven Caseworkers
  • Space for a Gracehaven Boutique
  • Volunteer Gracehaven Boutique Manager
  • Mentors
  • Volunteer Female Tutors
  • Volunteer Resource Coordinator
  • Volunteer Male/Female Life Skills Instructor
  • Male Demand Reduction Trainer/Volunteer  Coordinator
  • Volunteer Male Demand Reduction Instructors
  • Cosmetology Services

For more information, contact 

Ray Vallee Jr. at [email protected]