Youth for Christ staff explain the heart and soul of 3Story. 3Story is a way of life that guides followers of Christ to BE good news while telling stories of THE good news. For more information on how you and your students can take part in this natural lifestyle of evangelism and discipleship, visit www.yfc.org/3story.

Volunteer Spotlight

Ron Balishin, Garfield Campus Life Ministry Leader

Ron has been volunteering for many years for the GH Campus Life program. He is extremely dependable, consistent, and keeps us on an even keel. He is calm, cool, and collected, all while signing in rambunctious teenage boys who are anxious to be the first one to get into club.  He is our watch dog and utterly important to the work we do every week. He manages the hallway, keeps an eye on the door, and supervises students to make sure that everyone feels safe, welcomed, and protected. He has been a stable force for more than ten years. He helps to manage the organized chaos all while having a great sense of humor. He is vitally important to helping our club run. We are so appreciative of his sacrifice, consistency, and patience. 

Volunteer Calendar

If you are interested in attending or serving at any of these events, reach out to Tiffany Campbell, our Volunteer Coordinator, HERE.

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