Jim Eller

Independence Campus Life Club Director

After a successful college football career where Jim won two national championships for Mount Union College, his life dramatically began to change. "I never realized how much of an idol and a part of my identity football was until it was over". 
Thankfully my mother in law introduced my wife and I to maturity in the Christian faith by sending us sermons from her church's pastor Brent Allen. "By God's grace I started to receive how He wanted to move in my heart which affected every area of my life". 
Throughout a 20 year career in the health and fitness industry Jim and his wife Shannon started to hear people's needs, not only on a physical level, but more importantly on a 'heart' level as well. "I heard about Campus Life/Youth for Christ through my church and felt the call to build relationships and share the Gospel message with lost youth". 
After volunteering with Campus Life/Youth for Christ for the last two years, Jim is overjoyed to announce his acceptance as the Campus Life/Youth for Christ Engagement Coordinator. "What God has done, is doing, and promises to be continues to be our firm foundation".