Scranton Walton Munoz

Scranton | Walton | Munoz

A lot is happening at these 3 near west side middle schools. Here are some details:

Club Cypher: Meets every Tuesday Night at the City Life Center (334 Trowbridge Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109) from 6-9pm. The night isn’t just for High Schoolers, but there is a middle school and elementary segment. The program includes a dinner, games, and a talk; a very special night!

Character Classes: Our staff teaches life lessons or assist teachers in their classrooms each week. Plus has a general presence in the school and assists in many ways.

Periodic Events: Whether is it catching a rap concert or a Gladiators’ game or working at the IX Center, there is always some special outing happening. Stay tuned for details.

Student Leadership: In effort to build up Indigenous Leadership, key youth are being invested in.


For More Information: Contact Ryan Hough at [email protected]