Private Schools

Private Schools

This newly developed Campus Life for the Private Schools includes:

Hathaway Brown: The group for this leading all-girls school is every Friday from 7:15-7:50am.
Laurel: The meeting time for this elite all-girls academy is every other Tuesday from 8:30-9:14am and every other Friday from 12:42-1:34pm.
University: Currently Developing.

Periodic Events: Whether it is baking cookies at Christmas, a retreat at Chautauqua, or upcoming House Parties, there is always something being planned.

House Parties: Where all students are welcomed to meet students from other private schools at themed party with fun games and food.

For More Information:
Girls: contact Jen Moriarty at [email protected]
Guys: contact Ethan Strickland at [email protected] or 330-217-3411.