Kenston Chagrin Falls Park

Kenston/Chagrin Falls Park

A brand new program, Kenston/Chagrin Falls Park Campus Life includes:

A LOT (Active Leaders of Today): Twice a week, after school (Tuesday and Thursdays) from 2-5pm, our staff helped mold young minds through tutoring help and character lessons at Chagrin Falls Park Community Center (CFPCC).

Emerge: In partnership with a local church, our staff assisted in teaching life lessons, giving educational help, and equipping with job skills; every other Wednesday night, mostly located at Franklin Circle, next door to Chagrin Falls Park.

Open Gym: This low key, Friday after-school program allowed for our staff to hang out with kids, play some basketball and do life-on-life talks.

Periodic Events: Whether it was coordinating Go MAD (Make a Difference) days in the Park (service projects) or helping with shopping or other events; our staff was there serving in many ways.

For More Information: Contact Evanda Christoph at [email protected]