A Collection of adults and youth getting together to hangout, have fun, and learn of God’s love for us.

Things we do...... Scavenger hunts throughout Independence, Pizza Parties, Basketball Competitions, Coffee Nights, Sports Events (Cav’s Basketball, Monsters Hockey, Indians Baseball), Battle of the Sexes All Night Events, anything under the sun that’s goofy and fun .......providing its legal.
Mentoring, and Bible Studies.

Things we talk about..... Life. (School, work, friends, family, relationships, divorce, responsibility, stress management, future planning, health and fitness, etc..)  Anything that kids want to talk about, or learn about. All topics covered with a biblical and moral perspective woven in relating to our relationship with    God.

Things we eat..... Food. Preferably edible food. (Pizza, chips, pretzels, cookies, snacks of all kinds. Pop, Coffee, water.)

High School Club: Fun monthly events

Middle School Club: Fridays 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM: At Old Rec Center Independence (AKA Elmwood Building)
6200 Elmwood Ave., Independence, OH. 44131

* All Volunteers undergo thorough Background Checks*

Any Questions or requests for more information, please contact Ashley Tengler at [email protected] or 330-241-7794.