End of Year Gift Match

"Christmas in the CLE"


Our goal is to raise $365,000 by the end of 2018.

When you help us reach this goal we will:


We need support for our current staff so they can continue to mentor students and reach 10000 more.


We have a rare chance to expand the ministry through three very important NEW goals:

  1. Gracehaven: For $25,000 more dollars we will hire a case manager to reach 30 NEW survivors of Sex-Trafficking.

  2. JJM: For $25,000 we will hire a re-entry director to follow youth returning to civilian life, once they are on the outside of our existing ministry.

  3. Volunteer Coordinator: We have an immediate need to hire a volunteer coordinator who will lead the growth of our existing 230+ volunteer team as we climb towards our goal of equipping 1000 volunteers.


​Make Giving Tuesday Count

-Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

-Any gift given by December 31st, will be doubled

-Every gift will directly help:

  1. Stop child sex-trafficking
  2. Send joy to the suburbs
  3. Bring hope to the city
  4. Give a second chance to youth in incarceration